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Non - Nude Posting Rules - Read Before Post!

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NoNude Models Special Guidelines
  1. 13 years old is the minimum age for posting in Non-Nude. Posting conformity to Rules and all other issues concerning this requirement will remain at the discretion of Moderator, without question.
    1.2 - Models under 13: Not allowed under any circumstance.
    1.3 - Models aged 13-17: No nudity of any kind. Content must be posted in ♥ NON-NUDE TEEN BABES FANCLUB ♥
    1.5 - Models aged 18 or older: no restrictions.
  2. No nudity - Positively no nudity of genitalia, or, nipples, which includes, even through transparent materials.
  3. No real or simulated hardcore sexual acts
  4. Sexually explicit comments are unacceptable; Offenders will be infracted as a serious violation. Please try to remember that you are discussing children, not Porn Stars.
  5. Posted content must be tasteful, and, may be removed, without question, at the discretion of Moderator.
    Trading, or requests for Trades is unacceptable, including through PM's, Emails, & Chat.
  6. Posts of any kind of child pornography will be deleted and the user will be banned immediately.
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✔ Read our Rules before start a new topic;
✔ NO girls under 13yo; Read our Legal Notice before start a new topic;
✔ Search before post to avoid duplicates. Violators will be warned / banned;
✔ Descriptive topic titles / descriptions only!;
✔ Thumbnails must be at least 180px in either dimension.
✔ Forbidden Models and Agencies - Click Here!;
✔ Forbidden File / Image Hostings - Click here!;
DO NOT POST underage models too explicit (excessive thongs, see-through clothing such as sheer, and/or semi-nudity or full nudity)allowed for +18y models;

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